Selling Tips

A well-presented home that sparkles will sell for more and quicker than a messy neighbour. Buyers feel comfortable knowing the owner has taken care of their home. Always look at your home from a buyers point of view.

Exterior and Gardens

Its amazing what a difference a mown lawn and fresh mulch on the garden can give. Remember first impressions last. You may even need to wash the gutters and eves with a bucket of soapy water and a broom. Clean all the windows.


Declutter – clear rooms of any unneeded items. Space is important, you may even have to remove excess furniture.

Light – buyers love light give them as much as possible. Even if it means putting a lamp in that dark corner.

Smells – clean fresh smells will win every time. Maybe a scented candle, fresh coffee in a percolator or fresh flowers.

Music – playing calming light music in the background will make the buyers feel relaxed.